About uzeem

Uzeem is a web-based conservatory and online exhibition that archives, preserves, curates, and showcases a variety of personal and public-domain items related to specific events and pop culture topics. Anyone who wishes to contribute to history as a whole can also curate uzeem by bringing in third party items, or collaborate by sharing the stories, legacy and sentimental values behind their own items.

uzeem is made of zeems—“rooms? inside “galleries.? Members can add items to existing zeems or to new ones that they create and organize them by displays (videos, print, photos, memorabilia, art). Think Youtube, Pinterest, Wikipedia and Instagram, all in one. It’s a place for collectors to share their passion, for showcasing art inspired by facts and events, for brands to document their contribution to culture over the years, for celebrities to tell us about their journeys, and for fans to make their appreciation known by sharing the personal stories that become part of their idols’ history.