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Uzeem is a web-based conservatory and online exhibition that archives, preserves, curates and showcases a variety of personal and public-domain items related to specific events and pop culture topics

Anyone who wishes to contribute to history as a whole can also curate Uzeem by bringing in third party items, or collaborate by sharing the stories, legacy and sentimental values behaind their own items. Learn More

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Contribute to an existing zeem by bringing in personal or thrid-party items that you believe are worth indexing as part of our history. It could be a hidden object you found in the attic, a video that you found online, a treasure from your collections, your contribution is always welcomed and history will forever thank you

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Create a new zeem

Create a new zeem inspired by items or events that you would like to showcase and that haven't yet been brought to the world's attention. This is a unique opportunity to start a timeline in history yourself.

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